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Left Behind || Sam, Scott & Blaine


The grip on his bat tightened as he took another tentative step towards the end cap of the aisle he was in. Sam always prepared himself for any type of creature he would have to protect himself from so his bat was now raised as if he were about to take a swing. He strained himself, trying to hear any type of movements from anything. The only sound was the blood pumping in his ears and soft footsteps placing themselves closer to where he stood. He found himself looking directly at a clone of himself, his grip loosened and his arm fell limp beside him. The slightly crazed look on what seemed to be his brother’s face made his eyebrows draw together in confusion. “Scotty?” He listened to his brother’s words and they only confused him further. Blaine? Hallucinating? Again? Had so much really happened during this period of time? The sight of Blaine made him smile and he hugged his old friend back. “I’m glad you’re both seem in good shape.” He nodded to Blaine as he slipped away from them and continued searching the store. “So, uh what’s all this about hallucinating?” He hadn’t seen his twin in what seemed like forever, and he wanted to be happy and give him a hug, but it just didn’t seem right, clearly his brother had something happen to him.

He put his hand out slowly not wanting to do anything that might trigger anything and grabbed his brother’s arm. A smile broke out on his confused face. “Hey man I’m really glad to see you, but what’s been going on? Have you seen any of the others? Are they okay?” Sam’s questions were coming out a little to fast for himself to stop them, and he almost felt bad, for doing this but he had to. He definitely couldn’t tell Scott about their family, it just wasn’t right not after what he and Blaine had just said -whatever it was. “I -uh- I thought you were dead.” His face dropped and his eyes sort of searched the floor. He lost everything and surely he wasn’t expecting to find Scott here or anyone else for that matter. He had finally found a way to detach himself from everyone he knew, everyone he thought he’d never see again. Now his brother stood before him, and something was wrong, whatever it was, he couldn’t help that feeling happy but almost guilty that he might have to deliver bad news, it wasn’t right. Not knowing who was alive and where anyone was, had really taken a toll on Sam, he’d been on his own with his own mind going crazy, but he’d never actually gone as far as hallucinating. Maybe coming to this place was fate or whatever people called it, maybe this was good.

Scott stood in place, motionless, still trying to process what was happening. It had been one thing to find the inner courage to call out for Blaine when he thought his delusions were back, even after everything he went through to overcome them, but this was… just so unexpected it froze him. Of course, it wasn’t a bad thing, but it was like he hadn’t accepted it as being true yet. Part of him knew he couldn’t stay like this forever, but Sam beat him to the punch by taking hold of his arm. He instinctively wrapped his own arms around his brother, pulling him into a hug. This felt real, he reminded himself, but this time… it really was.

"It’s… a really long story Sammy…" he found himself saying, after a moment. "I’m glad to see you, though, you have no idea… I had… well let’s just say I wasn’t expecting to bump into you anytime soon.” With those words, he pulled back from the hug, a smile appearing on his lips. A real, genuine one, probably the most he’d ever smiled since the beginning of this entire mess. He paused for a minute, considering what he should tell his brother. It was more than obvious the other boy had questions and wouldn’t – understandably so – stop asking until he’d gotten some answers.

“Well… when this all started, it was rather rough for me. I… didn’t notice anything was amiss at first. I was just hanging out with Luke… we went over to his house and well… his parents had already gotten infected. They turned him pretty much instantly, and I ran. Making it back to safety was the easy part. I was alone, and rather inexperienced when it came to zombies, obviously.” He paused, obviously embarrassed by the tale he was telling. “Then… suddenly, I started seeing you. Except… as it was later pointed out to me, you weren’t actually there. It seemed… my brain conjured up some… version of you for support. It… took a while and certain circumstances to snap me out of it.” That’s as much details as Sam would get, there was absolutely no way he’d start mentioning how close he got to Kurt, especially not with Blaine nearby. Despite the fact that he and the shorter boy had patched up their differences, it still wasn’t a really smart idea to make him recall this entire episode.

“So when I saw you again… I just… assumed… well you’ve got to understand, it was pretty hard on me. This… fake Sam told me he’d gone home to find… nothing good, so I never went back to check. By the time I realized what was really going on… it was too late for that. I haven’t heard from any family member since… since I left the house that morning.” The former blond felt incredibly guilty about that too, were it not for his hallucinations, he would have probably went back to check on his family…

Not missing a beat, he quickly shifted to happier news. “I got lucky though… I reunited with… most of the Glee club and their siblings actually… there’s…” He started counting on his fingers to make sure he wasn’t missing anyone. “The Lopezes, the Berries, Quinn, Brittany, Mike, Kurt, Blaine – obviously – Jesse St James, others too… I… we’re okay, for the most part, we’re managing. Still… not always getting along, but you know… some things never change.”

He paused for a moment. “You should join us. I mean, unless… there’s somewhere else you’d rather be? One thing’s for sure… I’m not leaving you alone again…”

Left Behind || Sam


Sam kicked a rock into the grass as he walked further, distancing himself from what he used to call home. All he had left was the clothes on his back, his metal baseball bat and the few items he was able to fit into his backpack. He thought he would have been able to salvage his family upon returning home. Thinking that they would all leave and make to out of Lima together in search of a safe place. Sadly that wasn’t the case. Once arriving home he was faced with the realization that they wouldn’t be able to make it out together. His house was left in shambles, items strewn onto the floor as if it had been raided and the worst of it all was the sight that laid before him when he reached the second floor of their home. Finding his younger siblings brain-hungry hurt him more than anything had ever before. 

He couldn’t find it in himself to kill his zombie siblings and escaped just in time. His car pulled him along, while he tried to detach himself from anything he had attachments to. Once his car gave out, and the gas meter hit empty he left it on the side of the road, taking the keys only because they might be of some use later on. 

He’d been walking for what seemed like weeks, his hair a dull mix between dirty blonde and a darker brown and in definite need of a shower. His only hope was that his brother, Scott and their friends had somehow made it out of here, alive. Mostly he stayed quiet trying not to attract attention to himself and fighting his way out of any kind of encounter with the creatures that now roamed these old neighborhoods. Supplies were running out -not that he had much to begin with- and he only hope of getting his hands on more was to find a store that hadn’t been completely raided yet. 

He walked a bit longer noticing a pharmacy up ahead, quietly pushing open the doors that used to slide open and walking in. Bag unzipped he searched the vacant aisles for anything that could be of need. “Hello?” He asked into silence after hearing what could have just been something falling from a shelf. He gripped his bat, leaving his bag on the ground and beginning to search the store before taking further items. 

They had somehow made it to their destination without any major problem, which was obviously a positive thing. Perhaps the zombies had gotten less aggressive for some reason, or maybe - and the thought frightened him - he had become use to slaying the undead, the point where he could do it with one hand tied behind his back and his eyes closed. He sure wasn’t about to go try that one though. He threw a single glance back at Blaine, nodding towards the smaller boy, using his eyes to communicate with him. “You ready for this?” they asked, non-verbally. As he climbed out of the car, Scott let his right hand reach for one of his knives. Always having a weapon handy was obviously a golden rule, even when they were on a “shopping” trip.

He entered the building in front of him as silently as was humanly possible. At first glance, it seemed the place had definitely been raided before, but there still seemed to have a good quantity of supplies left for them to bring back to the rest of the group. He stayed on his guard, however, first wishing to make sure the place was free of zombies before starting to pick up supplies. He let his eyes scan his surroundings more carefully, but he didn’t find anything, and therefore, whispered to Blaine, trying to seek advice. “So, what do we do, split up, collect stuff and scream if we see zombies?” he said, with a shrug, though something told him - in the back of his mind - that screaming in a zombie’s face wouldn’t be the wisest move.

A few moments later, though, he had moved away from the entrance and found himself browsing the shelves, absent-mindedly collecting - amongst other things - the first kind of blond hair dye he came across. He couldn’t afford to be picky right now. He was just taking things, he’d sort through them later, when he got back to the safety of the farm house… or whatever. It took him a few moments to realize that his hands were full and that he wouldn’t be able to reach for his trusty weapons if he needed to. He deposited one or two items down to the floor, just so he could reach a knife, but they fell to the ground, creating a louder than expected noise. “Shit.” he muttered under his breath, hoping he didn’t - somehow - wake up a sleeping shambler.

What he did hear, after a while, was not the sounds usually associated with zombies but a human voice calling out something. A human voice that distinctively wasn’t Blaine. Letting the rest of his spoils fall to the ground as well, he headed towards the noise. Knowing whether or not this was a friend or a foe would be greatly useful. (Because really, unlike Elena, he refuse to take on the “Everyone’s a foe, except me” approach. The benefit of the doubt still worked, as did the presumption of innocence.) He eventually came across a boy with an all-too familiar face: his own. Well shit. It seemed he wasn’t done hallucinating after all. “Blaine!” He called out, not caring whether or not it would attract someone (or something) else along with the former Warbler at this point. “Blaine… I’m hallucinating again. I thought it was over but… well I see Sam again…” He hadn’t even realized if the other male had reached him yet or not, he was mainly mumbling to himself, clearly scared, afraid of what troubles his delusions would get him into this time.


We have more important things to worry about then hair dye…

I never said we needed to worry about my hair…


Actually I was recommending a drug store because I know that Kurt would kill for some hair care products and obviously it’s a drug store. That means painkillers and antibiotics if we’re lucky… I mean, I don’t think we should go if it’s gonna get us killed or whatever, but if we can find something useful it might be a good thing…

I knew there was a reason I liked you Blaine! See now that is smart, if we ever do need to go on a raid to the drug store… we can always grab a few things for Kurt and hair dye as well…


I see that now, ha. Well, that’s what he told me. On our first date, at Breadstix…

I’m sure he’s okay. He’s got to be okay, right? There’s no way he wouldn’t be. He was always talking about these invasions, he was probably prepared…he’s okay. He has to be.

Yeah no you’re right… if anyone was ever truly ready to face a zombie invasion… it’s my brother. If anything he’s probably out there looking for me right now…

The generator will only be fired up for showers and to cook.


I think you’d only need the one extra person. I mean, we’ve already got one up on the roof 24/7 in shifts, we’d just need to position one extra person up there and have them take rations up with them. Once they’ve eaten, the first two who are cleaned up can switch out.

While we’re on the subject, though. I don’t think we should do this every day. I say once a week - I know it gives us shit time to wash up and cold meals and whatever but we’ve survived this long without it. We should aim to save more gas and especially our water supply - those pipes may have worked for you but they won’t be on for much longer. And baths waste too much fucking water when we need to save as much of the water for drinking as possible. Bathing is a luxury and luxury will only make us fucking careless.

Being hygienic keeps us healthy.

Being healthy keeps us alive.

We are currently… not extremely hygienic due to circumstances. Improving that will only improve our life expectancies. I mean, if the zombies don’t get us, we could still die from infections and shit…

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Like it’s the last night of the World….


” Seriously.” He sighed.  ” Who knows… maybe I’ll find my friends.” Jesse said, thinking for a few moments, trying to mentally count  the friends he could have.  It was really oddly close to Zero, left him sort of uncomfortable, or sad, whatever that feeling actually was.  Jesse was so used to being perfectly fine on his own, but… now, he felt uncomfortably alone, and… scared, but would he let that be known, atleast, not majorly, everyone was nervous now, to some degree, they had to be.

” Feel free to borrow whatever.” Jesse said, wiping his brow with his forearm.  ” Anything here I can swap out?” he chuckled, anything to pass time. ” I mean, I don’t have an idea of what a day here is like,  but, if it’s anything like camping out in my car, it’s rather boring. ” he frowned. ” Who even knows, maybe I’ll find a music store to raid.” he laughed. ” If only we found a piano!”

” I was just curious as to to in-depth it would be.” he shrugged, his eyes gliding over Scott’s face for a hot second as he combed his fingers through his hair ” You don’t know, especially with whatever Elena has in mind. ” he looked up at the sky for a moment.  Jesse nodded. ” makes sense.” He rolled his shoulders back, letting his head sink back into a natural position. ” Some people aren’t as … into me as I believe they should be.” he offered a cheeky smile. ” I don’t get why, I think I’m pretty amazing.” Jesse said in a way that you couldn’t tell if he was joking or serious. ” I honestly just want to get inside.” he admitted. ” I — really have been avoiding  being out of doors for quite some time, and as much as I wouldn’t like to admit it, it leaves me slightly … uneasy.” he bit his lip. He … was good at playing brave, but, Being inside a cool, calm indoor space that wasn’t a black car… it sounded heavenly, to an extent, and if he got to sleep, it’d be even better. 

"Yeah… maybe." Responded Scott, with a little smile, unsure of what else to add. Indeed, it was kind of awkward. He and Jesse had never been exceptionally close, and apparently, Sam’s double date with him, Rachel and Mercedes before prom had been a complete disaster.

"Well… it’s probably more lively than being alone in your car…" The blond stated, without enthusiasm. "I mean, it’s not exactly an amusement park either… but there’s people. I don’t think we have that much reading materials though, but feel free to look around, we might have missed something." He raised an eyebrow at the curly-haired boy’s next comment. "Raid a music store… sure… and what would you do with the CDs? We have no real means to play them you know… Even if we did, it would attract the zombies, and they wouldn’t come near to dance the freaking Macarena." He sighed. "I get it though… you miss real life. So do I."

Scott’s eyebrow actually raised further up if that was even possible, humanly. “Ok… so you’re basically saying you’re God’s gift to humanity and that’s why you’ve been spared… Look, I don’t mind, but others in there…” he said gesturing to the building behind him. “They probably will buddy…” it was clear from the tone employed that Scott didn’t really consider them friends. He had nothing against Jesse though, and tried to be as friendly as possible. “You may want to lose the attitude. We’re all in this mess together…” He shook his head. “You know what… just go ahead. If you’re lying to use about bites and turn into a zombie… we’ll find out and take you out so… just… go in. We outnumber you anyway.”

He gently put a hand on the other boy’s shoulder. “Don’t worry St. James, we’ll learn to trust you eventually… for now, you gotta understand we try to be careful about these things… Still, I’m not one to deny a human basic human rights… especially not someone I know.”

He stepped aside, no longer blocking the door. With a smirk, he added “Just so you know… I’m not responsible for their actions…”

Like it’s the last night of the World….


” I mean, you honestly don’t know if anyone else is left if you’re out there alone.” He sighed. ” It’s weird, thinking you’re the last real person on Earth.” he chuckled. ” You start to think the strangest things.” he shrugged. ” But, who knows, there could be whole colonies of people, just waiting.” he let out a sigh, tugging at his dark v-neck, nodding to himself. He let his eyes close for a second, trying to keep himself easy, even though, he’d avoided being outside for more than 5 minutes for however long it had been until the world collapsed into itself. He was sort of zoned out at this point, trying to pass the time, half nodding to whatever the blonde was saying. If he just held on, and smiled it would all be good. and, soon enough he could go in the shade, when he reopened his eyes, he was surprised to see the food, he smiled, a very charming very distinct Jesse St James smile.

” Thanks.” he chuckled, grabbing the ration and holding off for a second, noticing the other boy’s weapons, he took in a breath, he knew it wasn’t anything for him, or he assumed, because, what good would that do? Wasting water and food on a guy he wanted gone? no, totally pointless, but, it did let the Bronze haired boy snap back into reality for a second, he brought his knees up as he looked around and started to devor whatever food the Evans boy had given him, not even tasting it.

” my car? Heh, I’ve got a portable keyboard, but, that’s useless, it was for impromptu concerts …” he shrugged. ” A few copies of American Theatre Magazine, scripts from the plays nominated for Tony’s this year, warm up sweats, sheet music and … a few melted clif bars.. maybe a can of rockstar.” he shrugged.  ” Out of curl gel though.” he sighed, half laughing at himself.  ” Uh… quick question…” he paused. ” Will I have to strip down for this inspection?” Jesse say, thinking, not that he didn’t mind being naked, he actually loved his body, it was pretty freakin’ awesome, but, it was good to mentally prepare himself for that sort of thing.

"Yeah, no… I get it." Scott said with a nod. "Or well, I don’t since I was lucky enough to find these people quickly enough that I was never truly alone… but… I can imagine how terrible it must have been." And it was true, the blond had even spent some time alone, he just hadn’t realized he was in fact on his own, since his mind had conjured up this vision of his brother for him to talk to. "Hopefully there are in fact more people out there… it would certainly be great." He concluded, smiling softly. It felt strange, but good, to have someone knew to talk to. Diversity in conversational partners was a luxury they had long since not been able to afford. Especially since people like Elena probably still wouldn’t willingly talk to him.

Part of him was able to discern that Jesse seemed tired, but then again, they all were, so it was sort of hard to make that judgment. Perhaps the boy was nearing his breaking point, or maybe he could go on like this for a while still. He didn’t know what to do, he wasn’t really used to being in a superiority position over someone else. Not since this mess had started, he had always felt as though he had been on the very bottom of the food chain, slowly climbing it, after befriending Blaine, but still probably only slightly more useful than Lord Tubbinbton. “Scripts will be good. I mean, you have no idea just how bored one can get stuck in here.” He said, gesturing to the house. “I’m sure Kurt and Blaine will love those, anyway…” Jesse’s next question caught him off-guard.

Scott blinked once, then twice, before trying to produce a response. “I… urgh… I don’t know. Elena usually took care of those… I mean… I was with the group since the beginning and I didn’t really have to get one… I urgh… I don’t know dude.” He paused for a minute as if thinking out loud. “I wouldn’t think so though, I mean how would a zombie bite you in the genitals unless you’ve stripped in front of it? You haven’t been taking your clothes off in front of zombies, have you?” This was definitely a weird conversation. To be honest, Scott hadn’t really though of sex or nudity in a non-joking manner since his… well whatever it was that had happened with Kurt. Was Jesse… was he coming on to him? Scott was pretty sure the other boy was straight and had a rather unhealthy obsession with Rachel Berry. But… well… Kurt and Blaine did tell him not a day before that he could probably get a boyfriend some day… No, this made no sense. Plus this was Jesse St. James, annoyance extraordinaire. Pushing the thoughts away from his mind - and telling himself it was just a biological response due to lack of opportunities to take care of his sexual drive - he gave Jesse a little shrug. “Elena seemed pissed at you, she probably won’t want to check you for bites… and well, I personally don’t see the point in making you strip… let’s just… let’s worry about that later ok?”

Like it’s the last night of the World….


” Yeah, ” Jesse sighed. When Scott mentioned they all lost people, it occured to him in that moment he wasn’t thinking about his parents, or … other family members, just, some girl, how lame. He let out a sigh, then a smile, trying to shake it off with his own showface.  ” Well, Hey, it’s good.” he chuckled,fakely. ” We can always meet new people, hopefully.” he said, even though that wasn’t what he was thinking, at all, but, what could he do? His head was already spinning from a lack of nourishment, it wasn’t the ideal time to dwell on people.

On that note, Jesse heard the boy go on, any fluttering of happiness he was starting to feel, vanished, he shoved his lower lip between his teeth and slowly pulled it out, letting out a painful sigh, looking away, it was a weird thing, thinking about your friend, mentor, guide and coach, just …. getting zombified, and destroyed. He swallowed, his show face, coming back up as he kept his cool. Atleast… Rachel’s sister was with the group, giving her a reason to return, if she was out there. He nodded, as if he was answering a  question that only he could hear. He finally looked up when the boy was at his level, his smile now at full show-stopping capacity, he managed to let out a breath. 

” Thanks, food would be nice.” he muttered.  ” I — think I’m going to sit down.” jesse said, half stumbling unto the ground, discarding his jacket to the side of him, maybe the malnutrition caught up to him, or maybe the realization of this world  finally popped past those bronze curls.  This was his reality, he — couldn’t even canoodle his way into changing it, for once. 

” Bring on the bite inspection.” he said, nodding. ” I’m clean, I promise.” he half-laughed, knowing physically, he was anything but, he probably smelled horrible, but, then again, everyone probably did. 

Scott found himself nodding along the other boy’s words, in agreement. “Yeah… yeah I mean having even more people would be nice, strength definitely comes in numbers… but to be honest with you, we don’t bump into humans all that often. Oh well… there’s nothing wrong with hoping though.” He gave a smile, though it seemed just a little fake. It’s not that he wasn’t happy to have Jesse join them, quite the contrary actually, but Jesse was yet another person that wasn’t Sam… and with each passing day, the likelihood of Sam - or any of his other siblings - of being alive and well lowered. Pushing the thought away, the blond decided it was best - like always - to just focus on the positive. Amongst other things, it seemed Elena had found a new person on whom to pass her various frustrations, and Jesse, so far at least, seemed friendly enough.

"Of course… you… don’t need my permission or anything, you do… do sit down… I’ll be right there." The young boy found himself muttering, perhaps not even loud enough so that Jesse could hear him from where he stood. It didn’t matter though, Scott’s mind was all but made up about his next actions. He returned inside the farm house through the same way he had gotten to the roof, quickly catching a small ration of food as he passed them. The food, in all honesty, wasn’t that great, and he would have given anything for a fresh salad or hell, even McDonald’s, but it’s all they had and thus it would have to do, no matter how sick and tired he - and the others too as well, he figured, though he had never been prompted to ask - was of damned canned and dried foods. It is with a sigh that he made his way to the ground-level door, exiting the farm house, hoping - for a minute - that no one would question his actions. Knowing Elena, though, she had already screamed or loudly complained about Jesse and everyone would now be aware of the other male’s whereabouts. Nonetheless, he didn’t want to be the one trying to explain finding someone. For all he knew, people (Blaine and Kurt excluded) would assume he was hallucinating again or something. Not giving it much though, he walked over to where he had last seen the former Vocal Adrenaline member, extending the food towards him. "Here… have this." A single hand drifted towards the knives he had made a habit of always carrying around with him, just in case. It wasn’t necessarily so that he could use them against Jesse, no, he trusted the other boy… mostly. But they were alone, outside. Zombies could show up at any time. "So… is there anything useful in that car of yours?" He found himself asking. "Weapons, food, a damn book…"

Like it’s the last night of the World….


Names, names names, Jesse didn’t care, he just kept listening for something, someone specific, finally there it was, but… she was gone? How could this be?  Why? He had so many questions. ” You just … let Rachel go?” the young man mumbled, half aloud, he let out a sigh as he tried to shove his hands in his jean pockets. That Finn Hudson, he never did an ounce of good for her, not once. That guy was a moron to begin with, he probably got gobbled down in seconds. He shook his head, trying to hide the feeling of anger stirring inside of him all of a sudden. ” For Finn.” he added, groaning. ” Yeah, yeah, not allergic, we’re good.” he said, trying to shake off the disappointment from the previous statement.

” Are you kidding me?” Jesse laughed. ” I seriously thought it was like … I am Legend, and I was going to have to live life alone, and I didn’t even get a badass dog.” He shook his head. “I haven’t seen people since… that day, you guys are the first … I’ve been living in my SUV.” he pointed to the car. ” I’ve had the alarm on while I slept, it worked as security, and let’s just say you don’t want to look at my tire’s treads.” he frowned. ” I’m pretty sure I saw a zombified version of  Giselle from Vocal Adrenaline, but, you know.” he shrugged. 

Then, he thought again, about the people, now that, he got to talk about himself for a few minutes, he was able to concentrate on other people. He mentioned Beth. ” Wait, if Beth’s here, does that mean Shelby’s around?” Jesse said excitedly, that was atleast person who actually, genuinely liked him, in the group. 

Scott blinked, a little taken aback by Jesse’s reaction, of course he was aware, vaguely, of the history present between the former Vocal Adrenaline lead singer and Rachel, but to see such a strong reaction from the other boy still shook him, for a second.

"We didn’t exactly let her go, she just took off. You know how she is, determined more than anything else, so nobody could stop her. I think Dani has tried to look for her, though, unsuccessfully. Still… no news is good news. As long as we don’t hear from her we’re free to assume she found Finn and somehow managed to get rid of their share of zombies… or something." He paused, obviously unsure where to go with this. "Look man, for what it’s worth, I’m sorry. We all lost people out there…"

A little disappointed that Jesse didn’t bring any news of Sam - but relived he didn’t say anything about seeing him zombified - Scott paused once more. As lonely as he had been, perhaps he was still lucky in his misfortune. At least he hadn’t been literally physically alone. “Ohh… well at least you found people now…” He said, trying to stay as positive as he could.

Then, Jesse mentioned Shelby and all the positivity went out the window. Scott stared at the ground, obviously not sure how to break out the news to the boy. “No…” he began. “Shelby ran into us a while back, but she had already been bitten… she handed Beth to Quinn and then we had to…” he trailed off his sentence, knowing full well that Jesse understood. Awkwardness was all around.

"Hang on." the blond found himself saying, finally breaking the silence. "I’ll go down and open the door for you…" Then, he proceeded to do just that, quickly going back inside and then meeting Jesse outside. "Actually I don’t think I can let you in until you’ve passed bite inspection, but you know… I ugh… could get you some food."

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